Serena was very good at telling tales. She had always been convincing (that was the word her sister liked to use for lying).

Sydney Clarke, Vicious

Serena was the older sister of Sydney Clarke and an EO with the ability to control people's minds with her words.


She has long blonde hair and blue eyes and looks like an older version of Sydney.

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And then there was the Serena from after the lake. The Serena whose eyes were cold and whose smile was hollow, and who made things happen with only words.

Sydney Clarke, Vicious, 1: Water, Blood, and Thicker Things, XIII

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Serena has the ability to make others do whatever she pleases with only her words. This ability is quite powerful in that it seems that Serena does not have the ability to turn it off. Even a harmless request or suggestion becomes a mandatory command to anyone who hears it.

It is shown that even the death of a person under her control cannot break her compulsion if they were to die and be brought back by Sydney. The only thing that has worked in breaking her control was her own death.

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Before the events at the lake, Sydney and Serena were very close. Although Serena sometimes acted selfishly towards Sydney, it was clear that she loved her sister and was very fond of her. However, after waking up in the hospital, Serena felt more hollow and grew cold and distant towards her sister.

Serena began to outright avoid her sister for a year after finding out that Sydney could resurrect the dead, an ability she thought to be abominable and would later give her cause to agree that Eli should kill her. Despite this, she still loved her sister. After they fail to kill Sydney, she finds herself relieved as she watches Sydney run away and again when she finds out her sister survived the gunshot wound. She had initially believed that death had brought back someone who was no longer her sister and wanted to kill her as a mercy. She later realized she was wrong, and let Sydney go, as she could not kill her knowing that her sister was still there even though she was an EO.

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  • She is a Scorpio.