There are no good men in this game.

–Mitch Turner, Vicious, Chapter 17, 2: An ExtraOrdinary Day, XVII

Mitch was Victor's cell mate and eventual partner in crime.

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Cops took one look at him and thought guilty or going to be. But in prison people took one look and thought I want him on my side, or I don't want to mess with him, or he could crack my skull in his elbow, or any number of far more useful thoughts.

Vicious, 2: An Extraordinary Day, XV

He is massive of body with a shaved head. Every inch of his skin is tattooed.

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There are a lot of very bad people in jail, Syd, and only a few decent ones. Mitch was one of them.

Victor Vale, Vicious, 1: Water, Blood, and Thicker Things, V

History Edit

Trouble followed him like a shadow, clinging to him no matter how much good light he tried to stand in.

Vicious, 2: An ExtraOrdinary Day, XV

From early on in his life, Mitch has suffered one misfortune after the other leading him to believe that he is cursed. His mother died when he was young, forcing him to grow up in the foster system since his father had left and his aunt had refused to take him in.

His appearance was the cause for much of his misfortune along with his uncanny ability always to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. This unfortunate combination caused him to be sent to jail for crimes he did not commit multiple times.

In the end, Mitch decided that if this cycle of going to jail for crimes he did not commit were to continue, he may as well commit and actual crime. He decided that he would rob a bank and recruited three acquaintances to help him. The three were the ones to do the actual robbing while Mitch hacked the systems and the codes to the vaults. In the end they were caught, and despite there being no actual footage of Mitch being part of the armed robbery, that portion of the crime was pinned on him due to his appearance, and the hacking part was blamed on the other three.

Since he was on his third strike, this landed him in a maximum security prison, where he would meet Victor three years later.

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They looked at him, at his hulking frame, and assumed that he was stupid. But Mitch wasn’t stupid. In fact, he was smart. Very smart.

Vicious, 2: An ExtraOrdinary Day, XV

Mitch is one of the few characters in Vicious that is not an EO, however he proves himself to be exceedingly smart and is shown to have an exceptional gift for hacking. He is able to hack the police database and also figure out how Eli is able to track down EOs and cover up the murders. In Vengeful, he is able to reconstruct the EO search matrix, which often enables Victor to locate EOs before the person is even flagged by EON.