Dominic is an ex-soldier and an EO with the ability not unlike teleportation by "walking into the shadows."

Appearance Edit

He has tan skin and shaggy hair long enough to hang past his eyes. He has one black eye and one blue, the blue being a fake as a result of being caught in an IED explosion when he was in active duty. He sustained many other injuries from his time as a soldier, resulting in many scars and most of his bones on his left side either pinned, skewed, or replaced with a synthetic. His posture is still that of someone in the military and after five years from meeting Victor, is much better looking in terms of health and has a clean cut.

Personality Edit

He is loyal to Victor, mainly due to the pain relief that his services award him and would do anything for him. However, after having his pain removed, he loses his tolerance for it and is consequently severely affected everytime Victor dies.

History Edit

He served in the military before 'dying' from an IED explosion and coming back as an EO. After, he suffered severe chronic pain relying on alcohol and his prescription of 35mg of methahydricone. He was a regular at The Three Crows, arriving every night at nine o'clock which is where both Victor and Eli find him.

Plot Edit

Dominic is Eli's next target, but while staking him out in a bar, Mitch arrives and convinces Dom to come with him. Mitch then remains at the bar to slow down Eli and tells Dom to run. He is then offered a deal from Victor to work for him in exchange of a lifetime free of pain which he desperately agrees to. Victor utilises Dom's time travelling powers in order to beat Eli.

Two years after Eli's capture, Victor is informed of EON and asks Dominic as an ex-militant to infiltrate it. Dom reluctantly agrees and for the three years that he works there remains paranoid that he'd be discovered. When Eli is set to be released, Dom attempts to prevent this from happening using Mitch's help but Agent Rios arrests him. He later escapes using his powers and rescues Victor along with freeing all the other EOs but is shot in the process.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dominic is able to "walk into the shadows" where time is frozen so that he, and anyone he has with him, can move to a different location. To any onlooker, it looks as though he teleported instantaneously. He seems to have limits as to how many people he can transport and whilst in the shadows, his movements are slowed and require a lot of effort.

In Vengeful, he develops his powers further so that he is able to stay in the shadows longer and be able to move with much more fluidity and ease than he was previously able.