Beth was a student at Ternis College and one of Eli's many EO victims. She had the ability to manipulate magnetism.

Appearance Edit

Beth was a college aged student with dyed cobalt blue hair. She had originally started dying her hair blue after the trauma of her death turned her hair white.

History Edit

Beth was involved in a car crash, which caused her to become an EO after she had died for four and a half minutes.

Plot Edit

She meets Eli in her history class thinking that he is a fellow student, but unknown to her he had attended only two of the classes in order to be able to gain her trust so that he could get close enough to kill her.

He follows her to her car under the guise of wanting to borrow her notes, when his true intention is to kill her. Once her guard his down he chokes her and she tries to defend herself by warping the metal of her car, however this does not save her since she is too inexperienced with her ability, and she is killed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

She had the ablity to manipulate magnetism. However, since she had only recently gained the ability, she had poor control over it as she is unable to lift her car in her attempt to get away from Eli.