Angie Knight was a force. A force with long legs and the most severe case of curiosity that Victor had ever encountered.

Victor Vale, Vicious, 1: Blood, Water, and Thicker Things, IV

Angie was Eli's girlfriend and Victor's friend. She attended Lockland University with Eli and Victor as an Engineering student.

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She had curly copper colored locks and hazel eyes with flecks of green.

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She was only twenty, had been coveted by the top schools since she could drive, had been given a dozen business cards followed by a dozen offers and just as many follow-ups, both subtle and not so subtle bribes, and here she was at Lockland.

Victor Vale, Vicious, 1: Blood, Water, and Thicker Things

Angie was a very smart and ambitious young woman, determined to always strive for success in whatever she started. This trait shows when she helps Victor become an EO, although she was skeptical at first, once she made her mind up to help him, she continued with the experiment as Victor asked even though she knew it would cause Victor pain. She was also very loyal as a friend, coming to Victor when he needed help, but also in helping him become an EO when she thought his life would be at risk, should he fail.

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Eliot Cardale Edit

They were like magnets, thought Victor, each with their own pull. They showed it around class, and around campus, people always drifting toward them. Even Victor felt the draw. And then when they got close enough to each other… well.

Victor Vale, Vicious, 1: Water, Blood, and Thicker Things, IV

They started dating after being introduced to each other by Victor during their sophomore year. The two are described as being a perfect match not only as a couple but also in intelligence, attractiveness, and ambition. Around Angie, Eli is a caring and attentive boyfriend, all traces of his darker side disappearing in her presence.